• About

    LHV Precast Inc.
    Made in America: Virtually all material made and mined in America, Kingston, NY. LHV Precast Inc. is a purveyor of quality precast concrete products made...
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  • Bridge Systems

    Design and product
    LHV Precast, Inc. provides engineering design and complete product for: box culverts, three-sided spans, bridge systems featuring Stone Strong Retaining Wall abutments, precast concrete bridge...
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  • LHV Precast, Inc. prides itself in its ability to adapt to your custom projects. We have built million gallon tanks, 49’ retaining walls, custom decks,...
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LHV Precast welcomes you to the new website, designed by ColorPage. We hope you are able to find all your precast needs and services on this website.

Thanks to the efforts of Adam Baker, we are able to launch this new website, so please remember to register so we can be in-touch regarding what is new at LHV and take care of your precast needs as best we possible can.